YDR on FacebookThanks for all the fans who have joined us on Facebook by “Like”-ing our page!  (If you haven’t yet, we’ll wait a second while you browse over there and come right back).  What you may not realize is that Facebook has been making changes.  Even though you joined our page in order to see our occasional updates, Facebook does not always show them to you by default!  To remedy this, you need to take one extra step, please:

  • Visit our page at http://facebook.com/ydrecords
  • Hover your mouse over the “Liked” button at top right
  • If you don’t get a drop-down menu right away, move the cursor away and then back over the “Liked” button
  • Once you finally get a drop-down menu, confirm that “Show in News Feed” is checked
  • Now you will receive all of our posts!  Thanks again for your support.