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Eden Brent is featured as one of seven “New Women of the Blues” in the current issue (Feb/Mar) of Blues Revue magazine. Detailing her partnership with pianist Abie “Boogaloo” Ames, Eden explains, “Here I am, a young white lady, and there’s Boogaloo Ames, an older black man. I came from a family of privilege; he lived on the other side of the tracks. The state of Mississippi liked us because we represented the way it really is and not a Mississippi Burning Hollywood production.”

Going on to describe her transition to solo performer after Boogaloo’s passing, and release of Mississippi Number One, Eden summarizes, “All I ever wanted to do is play music, meet a lot of great people, travel to new places, have a good time, and make a damn living… So far, so good.”

“Mississippi Flatland Blues”, the opening track from Eden Brent‘s new album Mississippi Number One, has been nominated as one of five finalists for “Blues Song of the Year” in the 2008 Independent Music Awards. The general public is invited to vote for their choice of best song in the IMA’s “Vox Populi” award — visit this link to check out the song and vote!

In other news:

  • “Mississippi Flatland Blues” will also be featured as “Blues Breaker” song of the week on the nationally syndicated House of Blues Radio Hour over the weekend of December 13-14 – check out station listing and air times at Eden recently returned from a tour of the West Coast where visited the House of Blues Radio Hour studios in San Francisco and was interviewed by Elwood Blues – we’re told that the interview might air on the Radio Hour in February – we’ll keep you posted!
  • Eden will be profiled in a feature article “New Women of the Blues” in the upcoming (Feb/Mar 2009) issue of Blues Revue magazine. The issue mails to subscribers in mid-Dec so keep an eye out for your copy!

Fiona Boyes is named as an “Aussie Wonder” on the cover of the new issue (Oct/Nov) of Blues Revue magazine. The multi-page feature story inside covers Fiona’s history as a blues guitarist and discusses some of her musical heroes and gear. Check out the article in this PDF file