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In the middle of NO HOTEL, The Claudettes’ new album full of playfully raucous songs and instrumentals, comes a song born of personal tragedy but bathed in beauty and light.  “She’s So Imaginary” is a vibrant throwback to the sound of ’60s pop-soul. But the inspiration for the song lies in personal tragedies endured by members of the Claudettes, and is set in the aftermath of the heart-rending 2014 Korean ferry disaster.

The new video, which premieres today on Innocent Words, stars Claudettes singer Yana and seven-year-old Roman F. Berkowitz VI, whose evocative misuse of the English language gave the song its title.


The first single from The ClaudettesNO HOTEL, “Chez Les Yé-yé”, takes the Serge Gainsbourg classic back to its American Blues roots — think blues with a beret instead of a fedora. But behind Yana’s sultry vocals and Michael Caskey’s furious drumming (and deliberately asinine dancing), there is a disconsolate message — just as, behind the “tom toms” and “yeah yeahs” of Serge’s “Chez Les Yé-yé”, there lurks something sinister.

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Described as “powerful” (Blues Blast), “glowing” (Living Blues), “impressive” (Blues Bytes), “captivating” (Cascade Blues), “mesmerizing” (Premier Guitar), “groundbreaking” (About Blues), “slyly subversive” (The New Yorker), “sassy” (Billboard), and “soulful” (No Depression), critics all over the map have been raving about Cassie Taylor’s Out of My Mind.

Now just in time for Halloween… Cassie’s new video for the track “New Orleans” is equal parts spooky, campy, jazzy and bluesy.

Summer may be over, but The Soul of John Black‘s A Sunshine State of Mind keeps that mood going year round.  Check out the new video for “Higher Power”, a soulful anthem with an uplifting message that affirms that “we’re all in this together.”

Posted recently — a couple of videos for JB aka The Soul of John Black: