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Keeping the Blues AliveWe’re humbled to learn that we’ve been nominated for a 2016 Keeping the Blues Alive award.  This is The Blues Foundation‘s highest honor for “individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to blues music”.

Although the award is supposedly for the record label, we know that it’s really a recognition of the the incredible talents of the musicians who we’ve been privileged to work with.  We’re thrilled to accept this award on their behalf and look forward every day to more great music to come.

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Thank you for the overwhelming response to the sale!  As the 28th of February is now history, so too is the no-minimum sale.  Please check back in 2023 for next decade’s extravaganza…

ydr_albumbanner_425Yellow Dog Records was founded in 2002 with the goal of cultivating the American musical heritage.  The official release date of our first album – the self-titled Bluff City Backsliders – was February 28, 2003.  Although some administrative activity took place in 2002, we’ve always considered that first release date as our real “birthdate” — which makes us exactly ten years old today.

Over the past decade, we’ve been humbled by the brilliance and creativity of the amazing artists we’ve been privileged to work with — from the madcap magnificence of the Asylum Street Spankers to the scintillating, sultry stylings of Eden Brent; from the funky jams of The Soul of John Black to the exquisite artistry of Mary Flower — we’ve never ceased to be inspired by the thrilling ways in which traditional music can be innovatively re-imagined to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

But most of all, we’re grateful to you, our audience, for the essential support that makes it possible for us to bring this great new music to the wide world.  As a thank-you celebration of our anniversary we’re making our entire catalog available today with no-minimum “pay-what-you-like” pricing — not only immediate downloads, but CDs and even t-shirts.  Please, take some time to explore our music, discover some new favorites (or re-discover some old ones), and bring home something that moves you or brings a smile to your face.  The sale will last until midnight on Feb 28th before we’re back to business as usual.

Visit to browse the catalog!

By the way, this is the first storewide sale we’ve ever offered.  We may well do this again for our 20th anniversary in another decade, but we make no promises!  So why take the chance on waiting until then?

Summer festivals are just around the corner, and Yellow Dog Records shirts are finally back in stock!  This can’t possibly be a coincidence, and this time we’ve outdone ourselves with a gratifying array of style choices.

In addition to the traditional “unisex” t-shirt, we now have ultra-soft women’s cut shirts, all with a new retro-inspired logo that evokes our distinctive musical character — tradition mixed with innovation.

Full size and color choices are depicted in our online store – please drop by and pick your flavor!

Bonus Update – we now have brand-new Eden Brent shirts available as well!  Again in unisex as well as women’s styles, we have both light and dark colors to choose from.  Don’t be left out as the only person on the Blues Cruise without one!  Double Bonus – this shirt comes bundled with a download of an unreleased music track by Eden Brent.  Check it out in our online store!

YDR on FacebookThanks for all the fans who have joined us on Facebook by “Like”-ing our page!  (If you haven’t yet, we’ll wait a second while you browse over there and come right back).  What you may not realize is that Facebook has been making changes.  Even though you joined our page in order to see our occasional updates, Facebook does not always show them to you by default!  To remedy this, you need to take one extra step, please:

  • Visit our page at
  • Hover your mouse over the “Liked” button at top right
  • If you don’t get a drop-down menu right away, move the cursor away and then back over the “Liked” button
  • Once you finally get a drop-down menu, confirm that “Show in News Feed” is checked
  • Now you will receive all of our posts!  Thanks again for your support.

We’ve enjoyed the great response to our series of Yellow Dog Records label samplers.  So, we’re pleased to announce the latest edition, titled Innovation | Tradition.  To check it out, please visit to stream or download – for free – thirteen of our favorite tracks from artists throughout our catalog.

Here’s what some nice folks said about our previous edition, It’s All Connected:

  • “Man, every tune these guys publish is unique – fresh is a great way to put it.” (Worldofblues)
  • “This particular sampler is a meal in itself.” (Eartaste)

(Still prefer a real live compact disc that you can hold in your hand – and use as a drink coaster as a pinch?  Drop us a line at this address and we should be able to hook you up.) - It's All ConnectedWant to discover great new roots music from a group of like-minded listeners who enjoy an eclectic mix of blues, soul, Americana, folk, bluegrass, and jazz?  Check out the “It’s All Connected” room on the engaging new music service!  We can very often be found hanging out there and we’ve had a blast discovering new music from other listeners.

But don’t take our word for it.   Our good friend Josh Hathaway of Blinded by Sound has written two excellent articles, the first explaining how works in general, and the second describing what’s so great about the “It’s All Connected” room in particular.  We’d call these recommended reading for anyone interested in music discovery in this day and age.

Drop by and say hello!

  • UPDATE 12/13: The late, great has run its course, but the fun continues on successor service!
  • UPDATE 9/15: has come unplugged, but the fun continues on successor service!

Free music showcase, Thu May 5th, B.B. King's MemphisComing to Memphis for the Blues Music Awards next week?

We’ve joined forces with Electraphonic Recording to bring you an exceptional lineup on the afternoon of Thursday May 5, before the big Awards event later that evening.

Our good friend Valerie June will kick things off at 1:30.  If you haven’t had the opportunity before to be entranced by her special blend of “organic moonshine roots music”, you are in for a treat.

At 2:30, our own “Little Boogaloo”, Eden Brent, will be joined by Colin Linden, who produced and performed throughout her Album of the Year -nominated Ain’t Got No Troubles.

At 3:30, instrumental soul sensations The Bo-Keys will preview their long-anticipated new album Got to Get Back, the followup to their acclaimed debut The Royal Sessions, released by Yellow Dog Records in 2004.  Got to Get Back is set for release June 21 by Electraphonic Recording.

We’ll be at B.B. King’s at 143 Beale Street.  It’s free to the public so please stop by, say hello, and enjoy the music!

Join us on Facebook We’ve reached our first 1,000 “likes” on Facebook – thank you to everyone who is helping to spread the word about our artists! Now, here’s the plan: if everyone would recommend our page to just one friend, we’ll be at 2,000 in no time.

Better yet, share the link to our free sampler download on your wall:

If you’re on Facebook but haven’t joined us yet, please visit and hit the “Like” button at top.   You’ll get occasional news headlines from all of our artists, “Song of the Day” and free download announcements, and more.

Find us on FacebookThey said it would never happen… but we’ve finally succumbed to the Facebook fever.  Please visit our page and “Like” to join us for news headlines from all of our artists, “Song of the Day” and free download announcements, and more.

Yellow Dog Records is now posting news updates to Twitter! For instant notification of news announcements, events, and links of interest, please join us. Visit to “follow” our updates.

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