Today, Billboard is exclusively premiering the new “Taco Night Material” music video by the Claudettes. Created by noted Brooklyn photographer/artist Kate Stone, the video was made using stop-motion animation and photographic cut-outs in a diorama-like set. It was entirely made by hand with no digital manipulation, and took about eight hours to animate every 30 seconds of footage.

This Claudettes song is the confession of a woman who finds herself trapped in an oppressive marriage. Facing a future of agonizingly domestic “Taco-night Tuesdays,” she chooses murder over a life of never-ending wifely responsibilities. It’s a Women’s Empowerment anthem that doubles as a “killer” Halloween cut. The imagery in the video references 16th-century vanitas paintings, but here the still lives are not still. It’s a fast-paced, surreal psychobilly romp with murder, intrigue, skeletons, bugs, rotting taco meat, singing appliances and, slimiest of all, fetid old gender roles.

This tune was released on The Claudettes’ spring 2018 album DANCE SCANDAL AT THE GYMNASIUM! which you can find right here along with the band’s three additional releases on Yellow Dog Records!