Summer festivals are just around the corner, and Yellow Dog Records shirts are finally back in stock!-  This can’t possibly be a coincidence, and this time we’ve outdone ourselves with a gratifying array of style choices.

In addition to the traditional “unisex” t-shirt, we now have ultra-soft women’s cut shirts, all with a new retro-inspired logo that evokes our distinctive musical character — tradition mixed with innovation.

Full size and color choices are depicted in our online store – please drop by and pick your flavor!

Bonus Update – we now have brand-new Eden Brent shirts available as well!-  Again in unisex as well as women’s styles, we have both light and dark colors to choose from.-  Don’t be left out as the only person on the Blues Cruise without one!-  Double Bonus – this shirt comes bundled with a download of an unreleased music track by Eden Brent.-  Check it out in our online store!