Cassie Taylor - European tour 2014She’s only in her mid-20s, but Cassie Taylor is already a bona-fide road dog, having been in planes, trains and automobiles with her father Otis Taylor since her teen years. The soulful vocals and rock-solid bass skills she brought to her dad’s shows are now front and center as Cassie embarks on a sizable swing through Europe that will find her belting out her songs all across Germany and in Austria, Denmark, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

It all starts today at Das Bett in Frankfurt and winds down at Bluesiana in Velden, Austria on April 11. That, right there, is a tour, folks. Cassie is NOT messing around, on her latest album Out of My Mind (available on CD or white vinyl) or on her 44-day European tour that begins today!

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logo_bluesmobileWho loves the blues more deeply, more enduringly, more outwardly than Elwood Blues — a.k.a. Dan Aykroyd?  Mr. Aykroyd has been “on a mission from God” to spread the word about his favorite records for many a decade… most recently with his award-winning BluesMobile Radio Hour.

Each week, Aykroyd picks his favorite song — his Blues Breaker of the week — and shines a bright light on it; this week, his spotlight is squarely on The Claudettes and their killer cut “Tide Pool” from their Yellow Dog Records debut Infernal Piano Plot…HATCHED! .

Read what Mr. Aykroyd had to say about the band (and their too-bizarre-not-to-be-true back story) right here and listen to his introduction and the track itself right in the player below.  Thanks for the shout-out, Elwood!

bluesandmusicnews_logoJohnny Iguana has been playing piano at Buddy Guy’s Legends since his days in the Junior Wells Blues Band. He’s been on stage there with Buddy himself countless times and with a host of other Chicago blues royals, too.

And so Johnny was taken aback when some of the staff at Buddy’s reacted with, shall we say, bemusement when Johnny brought his Claudettes to Buddy’s legendary stage on Friday the 13th of September of last year. The band’s unorthodox stage show ruffled certain feathers at Legends that night — but now, the official Buddy Guy word on the Claudettes’ music is out… and the word is good.

Check out this positively glowing review of the Claudettes’ Yellow Dog debut Infernal Piano Plot…HATCHED! in Buddy’s own music-news magazine, BG. This piece not only raves about the record, but also places it within the continuum of the constantly evolving sound of Chicago blues. Right back ‘atcha, BG!

In 1989, a new literary magazine was born in Oxford, Mississippi, celebrating the history and evolution of writing in the South.  In the years since, this treasured publication has expanded into exploration of all things Southern — including, to the joy of so many readers (and listeners), Southern music.

This time of year, anticipation runs high… mailboxes are checked frequently… and then, it’s here: the annual Oxford American Southern Music issue — which includes 2 CDs and which, this year, we’re thrilled to announce includes tracks from two Yellow Dog Records releases.  Tennessee is the target state this time, and, along with stars by the name of Elvis, Emmylou, Johnny Cash and Al Green, you’ll hear “Where Would I Go” by William Lee Ellis (from Conqueroo) and “Deuce and a Quarter” by the Bo-Keys (from The Royal Sessions) .  Check out the full track listing here!


Fans of bluegrass, blues, country, Americana, Cajun music and other roots styles surely know about MerleFest. This great festival has been drawing music lovers by the tens of thousands to Wilkesboro, North Carolina for 27 years now — and we’re proud to say that the 2014 Merlefest has invited two members of the Yellow Dog Records family to perform!

Mary Flower and Fiona Boyes, two utterly unique and fantastic guitar stylists, will be at MerleFest this year along with Ralph Stanley, Alan Jackson, Merle Haggard, Old Crow Medicine Show… with over 130 acts scheduled between April 24 and 27, you’ll want to get in gear and get on down there! Say hi to Mary and Fiona for us…

Described as “powerful” (Blues Blast), “glowing” (Living Blues), “impressive” (Blues Bytes), “captivating” (Cascade Blues), “mesmerizing” (Premier Guitar), “groundbreaking” (About Blues), “slyly subversive” (The New Yorker), “sassy” (Billboard), and “soulful” (No Depression), critics all over the map have been raving about Cassie Taylor’s Out of My Mind.

Now just in time for Halloween… Cassie’s new video for the track “New Orleans” is equal parts spooky, campy, jazzy and bluesy.

Who is that there, in the iTunes blues page banner, right next to venerable Chicago bluesman Otis Rush?  It’s The Claudettes, featuring Chicago piano pounder Johnny Iguana — who has toured with Otis, by the way.

Look down in the first row beneath that banner to the New and Noteworthy grouping… and there are the Claudettes again!  It’s great to see iTunes trumpeting how special this new Yellow Dog release is, especially for those who dig blues piano and fresh, unique spins on the classic Chicago sound. The album’s already spawned features in publications like the Chicago Sun-Times and glowing reviews like this one.

Infernal Piano Plot…HATCHED! is still just a hatchling… stay tuned for more Claudettes news!

Summer may be over, but The Soul of John Black‘s A Sunshine State of Mind keeps that mood going year round.  Check out the new video for “Higher Power”, a soulful anthem with an uplifting message that affirms that “we’re all in this together.”

Elwood's BluesmobileCassie Taylor was recently featured on the nationally syndicated radio show Elwood’s Bluesmobile.  The hour-long show mixed cuts from Cassie’s new album, Out of My Mind, with interview clips.  Listen to Elwood Blues and Cassie discuss how she got started in music, her musical influences from Moby to Sharon Jones, and making an album — her own way.

Well, not quite, but The Claudettes did cause quite an uproar with their Legends debut.

The Claudettes eagerly awaited their first show at the famed Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago — which, as fate would have it, fell on Friday the 13th of September. Pianist Johnny Iguana had played Buddy’s dozens of times with other groups including the Junior Wells Band, while this was drummer Michael Caskey’s first time.

As she often does, the band’s boss Claudette sent her assistant Tatyana to sell beers from the stage; this was disallowed by the club. But Tatyana still had a strong effect at Legends, where her flower dress and tap shoes, thick Russian accent and the fact that she didn’t play an instrument caused consternation among the staff. The displeased club manager considered, aloud, throwing beer bottles at Johnny; clearly, some feathers at this Chicago-blues institution were ruffled by the Claudettes’ appearance.

The crowd, though, had a different reaction to the music. Even as Tatyana tried to sell neckties from the stage, chastised the musicians for not smiling and interrupted the band to take phone calls from a worried Claudette, smiles and cell-phone cameras flashed all around the room. Feet were tapping steadily to the amped-up, off-kilter blues attack of the Claudettes as they blasted through 13 songs in 45 minutes. Concerned that the band’s unorthodox sound and style weren’t right for the club and would send customers to the exits, the management cut their set at 45 minutes (it was to have been an hour). Many in the crowd used those 15 extra minutes to come talk to the band and buy Claudettes CDs.

The band rated the night a success. Claudette, like the club manager, was not pleased. Couldn’t Tatyana have sold beer out on the sidewalk where the manager couldn’t see?

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